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  DataScenes Mobile Apps - Some 5* Reviews
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Sabiya Senet
Sabiya Senet icon Google
“With the new improvements Sabiya is now an excellent game”
“Good quick play - Just fine and plays quickly as a fine diversion. Clear instructions and good display. Each session is five minutes or less.”
“The application is really well done (but could be improved)! I know this game for some time and was hoping to find it sooner or later between applications!” (translated from Italian)
Barnes & Noble
“Fun - Very fun game it runs well on the tablet. Very easy game and would be good for children, you just need to get your pieces to the goal.”

Aseb, the Royal Game of Ur
Aseb, the Royal Game of Ur icon Amazon
“excellent! - I never even heard of this game until seeing it on the android market less than a year ago. but I love board games, thinking and logic games, strategy, etc. so I tried it, and now I often have a long game in progress on my kindle! great instructions and options, a variety of a.i. levels... it's well done all round!”
Barnes & Noble
“Fun - This game is very fun and simple not sure of the actual rules but on certain rolls you get an extra turn or turns. The game runs very smooth on the tablet no problems. You just need to get your pieces to the end goal.”
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